Mikhail Garmashov

Professional Profile

I develop an information system in terms of interaction with the user.

I act as system analyst with web development skills. In this capacity, I've been more than 5 years.

More than 4 years I worked in a large IT-company, which develops systems for the state - a complex architecture, complex solutions. Working with large data structures algorhythms, modelling, analizing, presentations.

Last year, as a freelancer, I develop small projects for mass users.

My area of expertise covers all related areas:

  • define goals and objectives of the system. The formalization of requirements (SRS, FRS)
  • planning the implementation, stages of development
  • prototyping of the interface for planning of all custom functions
  • development of the visual part of the system (coding)
  • the relation with the backend

I'm not just analyst or coder or web-designer.
I'm a complex of them, that helps to consult and resolve any problem of IT.


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What I can do

Need something? I got it

System Analysis

My main specialization - System Analytics. What does it mean? I analyze your subject for planning all IT work, define data, which is necessary for your system, I define functionality, I explore similar projects for getting ideas and best practices. So System Analysis - it's all points of IT-view.


Consultations about IT-architecture, about requirements and purposes. I can help to define business task of your system, determine full list of needed functionality, divide for stages of developing, choose platform or CMS, target group, plan of testing and much more else.


It helps to define approximate form of your site, service. It could be made fast. After getting prototype, you will see that all functionality thast you need will be realised, or you forget something. Prototype doesn't work as system, but it has lot of interface solutions.


Everything related with Frontend part of your system - interface, animation, forms, styles. I release live html pages for mobiles, tablets, large screens. Also offer web-design. I don't draw graphics. Just combine colors, fonts, sizes, etc.


If you need some popular functionality without unique backend issues, I also do it! Mostly CMS Wordpress is used. I write some easy plugins ad make your site really working.

Project Management

If I can't to resolve some stuff, if I understand that your project needs some really hard coding or drawing design, so I can hire highly specialized freelancers. Also If you have large project, I can build process of communication and working between freelancers.


My education and experience



Around the world

2015 - Present

Web-developing, consulting, prototyping

System Analyst

Center IT

2012 - 2015

As a system analyst, I participated in all phases of information systems development: I was negotiating with client representatives, I generated new ideas for the system, created detailed task for developers, designed forms of interface, designed the data structure, produced all the documentation and presented projects to customers and users, implemented the system in the customer's infrastructure.

Manager of creative technologies


2010 - 2012

I was suggesting new ideas to implement in the Bank. Before these, I had conducted a full economic analysis and design of main stages of development and implementation. The primary analysis had been conducted in the technical, economic, law, marketing areas. Also I tracked innovations in the market and adapted to the specifics of our Bank. Also I coordinated concepts of projects with experts and presented them to management.


Applied Information Science in Economics

Ural Federal University

2006 - 2011


I have experience of working according the following technologies and notations:

FRS/SRS docs (en)
FRS/SRS docs (rus)
Project Management

Responsive HTML


Next tools are my weapon. I know them good:

MS Word
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint

Atlassian Сonfluence
Atlassian JIRA

Balsamiq Mockups
Axure RP

Putty / Filezilla
Rational Software Architect
Altova XML Spy

Adobe Photoshop
Intellij IDEA

My testimonials

What clients say

One of the best freelancers I've worked with. Very fast, responsive AND good quality. Hire this man.

— Nav Nathoo(Canada)

Mikhail was very responsive and asked the right questions before and during the job. He completed the task way ahead of schedule and I'm very grateful for that. I would definitely recommend him to others!

— Shant Mastikian - Essex Media LLC (Germany)

One of the better. Has done a really good job. Ultra-modern design. Engages and makes a detailed and good job. Going the extra mile to get the tip-top quality

— Jarle Kristiansen(Norway)

Excellent website designer, highly recommended for any web design work!

— Edward Chen(New Zealand)

One of the best coders we have worked with in a long time, looking forward to work with Mikhail again.

— Justin Heinz(United States)

Mikhail was great! He completed the task quickly and to my exact specifications. I will definitely hire him again for future work.

— Kris McCaslin -Web Pros Dallas (United States)

I had a terrific experience working with Mikhail. He is very knowledgeable of js-animation and very good at building custom websites. He works quickly which I appreciate and is very fun to talk to. :) Mikhail was nice and understood my requirements and timeframe. He went above and beyond and even created me a manual of the work he did in case I needed to change something in the future. I was very impressed with Mikhail and can't wait to hire him for my next project. If you need custom front part or anything done on a website, look no further than Mikhail Garmashov. You will not regret hiring him!

— Colby Foster(United States)

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